Birthday Parties

Frequently Asked Questions

Who participates in the recital? 

All of our dance and tumbling students as well as our karate demo team. (Except Skills and Thrills)

What is the recital schedule?

We will have three separate recitals this year: 

  1. Saturday November 18th at 10am- Dance and Tumbling Recital for all 3-4 year old students
  2. Saturday, November 18th at 5pm- Dance Recital for all dance students ages 5+ year old, Tumbling II and III (10+), and Karate Demo Team (NOTE: There is only one 5+ dance recital this year.)
  3. Tuesday, November 28th at 5pm- Tumbling Recital for all 5+ year old students

Will there be a dress rehearsal?

Yes!  The dress rehearsal schedule is as follows (schedule subject to change):

  1. Saturday, November 11th 8:30am- All 3-4 year old students both tumbling and dance
  2. Saturday, November 11th 9:30am- All 5+ dance students, Tumbling II and III (10+), and the Karate Demo Team (each class will have an 8 minute designated time slot)
  3. November 27th 6:00- All Tumbling 5+  year old students (including tumbling II and tumbling III)

This year, we will be having all students bow after the recital. All students will stay to the end of the performance and all will be participating in a bow.

Where will the recital be?

Heritage Academy Laveen Gym 4275 W Baseline Rd, Laveen

How much does it cost to participate in the recital?

We try to keep all of the costs as reasonable as we can.  Expect to pay between $20 - $50 for a recital costume for each class your student is in; Tickets will need to be purchased for all recital attendees (your student does not need a ticket); Additional supplies may need to be purchased if you do not already have them (e.g. leotard, dance shoes, tights, leggings, etc.).  You will also have an option to purchase a video of the recital.

When will tickets be on sale?

Mid-September!  Pay attention to your email for ticket sale information.  ALL ticket sales will be online.  No tickets will be sold at the desk or at the event.  If you are planning to volunteer, please do not buy a ticket for yourself for the performance that you will be volunteering for.

How can I purchase the video?

Video pre-orders will start Mid-September. Purchase information will be included on the ticket sale email. Be on the lookout on our website for the purchase link!

What do I need to do right now to be prepared for the recital?

  1. Please mark the dress rehearsal and recital dates in your calendar now!  
  2. If you are interested in switching or adding classes for your student, please do so soon.  We will close enrollment within the next several weeks to allow our classes to focus on recital preparation.
  3. Check your contact information in Studio Director (good phone number for texting and email address) and respond to any requests in a timely manner.
  4. Pay attention to emails and text messages with recital information.
  5. NOTHING ELSE!  We will give you more info leading up to the recital.

How do I use the Remind App?

Use code @k6k87k4 to use our Remind app and keep up to date with events happening through the recital season!

Enrollment Closing

To allow our students the best opportunity to shine at the recital, we will be closing enrollment to our classes as follows:

  • All 10+ students- September 11th-16th
  • All 7-9 students- September 18th-23th
  • All 5-6 students- September 25th-30th
  • All 3-4 students- November 2nd-7th

If you are interested in switching, adding or trying out new classes, please be sure to do so before the enrollment close dates.  Enrollment will reopen after the recital.

NOTE: Our current dance and tumbling schedule goes through the end of May.  Unless you inform us that you are dropping class, your student will continue to be enrolled through the end of May. Our summer schedule will run from June to July.

Costume Charges on Account

As costumes are ordered, the charges are being added to your account in Studio Director.  Please note that AUTOPAY will run on the first of the month for ALL outstanding charges on your account including tuition and costumes.  Please check your account in Studio Director and ask questions if you have them!