• Laveen Yoga is bringing quality yoga practice to the Laveen community.  We are committed to increasing the health and wellness of our friends and neighbors through high quality instruction in a welcoming environment.  Bring your water bottles and mats and join our practice.  

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  • Registration Fees

    Pre-registration is required and each class is $10. Scheduling yoga classes is done through the Laveen Karate scheduling system. Click below to get started.

Class Offerings

Yoga Flow

Beginning Flow, set sequence that anyone can enjoy.

Restorative Yoga

Simple, breath-based and heart-centered practices. We combine poses to help with opening the hips, heart, shoulders and other areas of the body to help you feel calm, connected and boost your overall well-being.
Every Third Sunday is Restorative Yoga with Sound Healing.

Foundational Yoga

Restorative flow yoga designed for beginning yoga practitioners.

Chair Yoga

Yoga movements performed seated and standing.


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