"When you walk in, it feels like family."

We hear this a lot from our community. It is what we love and what we are all about; family

Our journey to where we are today started back in 1990 when Sensei Marcel Dulaney took his very first karate class. Jump to 2019 and the culmination of our dream, opening our own Dojo. After 14 years of teaching karate at a recreation center (Dulaney Dojo), Laveen Karate officially launched as a set of workshops at Heritage Academy. We then signed our first official commercial lease at the 27th Ave facility, partnering with a local ballet teacher to share the space. Our first belt test was in August of 2019 with a whopping 4 students! For perspective, we now have around 70 students testing each time! Learn more about Laveen Karate

In the spring of 2020, our partner dance program dissolved when our business partner had to move out of state.  With loss comes opportunity and we took that chance to begin the Laveen Dance program, expanding it to several styles of dance including ballet. We were extremely blessed to have Melissa McAdams come on as the Dance Director shortly after. Learn more about Laveen Dance

Most recently, Laveen Yoga has been added to deepen our offerings to the Laveen community. Our yoga staff are the most caring, professional and competent providers of this discipline and offer a wide variety of styles to Laveen Fitness. Learn more about Laveen Yoga

The studio grew, and our love for Laveen (and Laveen's love in return) forced our modest, 1400 square foot facility to burst at the seams. We were reaching our capacity when yet again, we were blessed. The dance studio at 35th Ave and Southern was vacating and we were able to move to our current home, nearly 4 times as large as the previous space! With some modification and a lot of hard work, we transformed the space into what you see now. The growing continues, even to this day.

In the fall of 2021, Sensei Juan Queris joined our ranks, traveling across the entire country from Florida to provide for our Laveen family as a fulltime karate instructor. This has given us the opportunity to expand and deepen the karate program by offering more classes, including competition training at the State and Regional level!

At Laveen Fitness, we care about the growth and development of our individual students. We encourage them to reach their full potential by teaching proper technique, set and meet goals and most importantly, having fun along the way. Anyone that has attended or watched a class, recital or belt test can see this through the actions of our staff and family. Collectively, we offer Karate, Ballet, Jazz, Creative, Tap, Contemporary, Tumbling, and Hip Hop, as well as Tai Chi, Yoga, Fitness, and Pilates. Be sure to check out the individual program pages to learn more! We hope to see you very soon!

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